September 20, 2002 -
Sullivan Indiana.
Photo courtesy of
Larry E. Gilbert.

Wig-Wag, LLC
Model Railroading for the Discriminating Modeler!

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Shop and Mailing address:

Wig-Wag, LLC
a/k/a Wig-Wag Trains

3540-D North Pan American Freeway NE

Albuquerque, NM 87107
Map & Photos of the Store

e-mail address:

Local Phone number: 505-298-7177
Fax Number 505-323-2419

Please Note: You cannot leave a message on our phone system. Please call during the below phone hours to contact us. However, we prefer it if you e-mail ALL orders. It is substantially less costly to process e-mail orders than it is to hire people to answer the phone.  Besides do you really want to speak to a call center?

If you must call, it is cheaper for you to use our toll-free line than it is for us to call out. Therefore, to save costs and keep our prices down, please call us. Every chance we have to reduce costs means lower pricing for you.

Contact us During these Hours:



Time Zone

E-mail -
No attachments are accepted

24 hrs per day
We answer them 17-19 hrs a day.


Shop "Storefront" hours:
Tuesday thru Friday
See also show schedule

10:30 am to 6:30 pm

U.S. Mountain


9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Phone Line Hours
Tuesday thru Friday
See also show schedule

1:00pm to 5:00pm
We have no answering machine

U.S. Mountain

Phone Lines
Saturday (note below)
See also show schedule

1:00pm to 5:00pm
We have no answering machin

Sunday & Monday
(note below)
See also show schedule

We have no answering machine


Occasionally we do N-Trak Shows with the NM Railrunners.  That hasn't happened in 4,no 5, no make that 6 years but we have hopes still.

Some weekends (~ 6/year) we sell at Train Shows across the west normally within 800 miles or 14 hours of the shop.

The storefront is closed Sunday & Monday for George & Debra's sanity and to catch up on web work and shipping.

Hold for Shipping - This is one of our customers' most popular features. It is an option you electWe will hold ALL your orders for up to 45 days in order for other announced or out-of-stock items to arrive. We do, however, have to have a credit card on file in order to run the charge for the item we are holding. If we don't charge promptly, it ties up capital, costs us more to do business, and we will be unable to continue to offer you our current pricing structure. We will not charge for the shipping until the package goes out the door. You should note that once you request Hold-for-Shipping, it applies to all orders. It is not possible to manage a listing that has multiple exceptions. If you request to come off Hold-for-Shipping then you will be off for good, no exceptions.

Time is a major factor in financing any business. Our pricing is based on getting things out as quickly as possible when they come in. You may combine reservation purchases with other in-stock items. However, we cannot send e-mails or call customers who want to add to their reservation when it arrives -- there just isn't time to do that.