September 20, 2002 -
Sullivan Indiana.
Photo courtesy of
Larry E. Gilbert.

Wig-Wag, LLC
Model Railroading for the Discriminating Modeler!

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e-mail Monthly Club

Please note that as of: Friday, June 3, 2006 we can no longer send announcement e-mails due to staff shortages. When we are able to hire competent staff we will resume sending announcement e-mails. George spends up to 10hrs each day updating the website and keeping it current with new announcements. Please check the news page frequently as some days there have been as many as 15 updates.

Wig-Wag, LLC has an e-mail club. There is no fee, no minimum purchase, no secret handshake, no strings. We ask each member to consider buying at least one car each month. However we understand that some months there may not be a release you want or that will fill your modeling needs.

You can quit the club at any time.

We send you an-email with a link to info on the new MTL releases late on the last business day of the month or the next morning. You can also look them up on the MTL website and e-mail your request.

We will also send out another e-mail with the Intermountain monthly releases. In both cases you will need to reply ASAP for guaranteed availability. We have to place an order for the Intermountain releases when we get the anouncements. That gives us about 1-2 hours to guess if you might want something. One month I waited overnight to send out an e-mail first and missed out on 3 of five cars. If you want specific roads please consult the announced release page <click here> and let us know in advance so we can make a note of your desires. Please be proactive in your desires. Then again don't over-commit yourself.

We will send another e-mail if we feel an announcement is important enough to merit direct contact. I try to limit our e-mail to no more than 3 a month. However if Atlas announces their entry to steam by doing Santa Fe #2925 on the 15th and Kato says they are doing the U.P. Challenger on the 20th and Life-Like says they are doing Alco's C-855 on the 25th, I might be forced to send announcements for each of them.

We can setup personal preferences for members that want auto-ship so they only get specific: geographic area, roads, or only cars before a specific date.

If you would like to place an individual order each month we can handle that. We prefer to receive your e-mail order by the date shown in the e-mail you receive. If you would like to join "the club", please e-mail us.

Hold for Shipping - This is one of our customers' most popular features. It is an option you electWe will hold ALL your orders for up to 45 days in order for other announced or out-of-stock items to arrive. We do, however, have to have a credit card on file in order to run the charge for the item we are holding. If we don't charge promptly, it ties up capital, costs us more to do business, and we will be unable to continue to offer you our current pricing structure. We will not charge for the shipping until the package goes out the door. You should note that once you request Hold-for-Shipping, it applies to all orders. It is not possible to manage a listing that has multiple exceptions. If you request to come off Hold-for-Shipping then you will be off for good, no exceptions..

Time is a major factor in financing any business. Our pricing is based on getting things out as quickly as possible when they come in. You may combine reservation purchases with other in-stock items. However, we cannot send e-mails to people who want to add to their reservation when it arrives.

Discounts - Most suppliers give us an additional discount if we pay them within 10 days of shipment. We pass this discount (generally 3%), on to you, our customer, if you pay by credit card. Check or Money Order payments must be received in time for them to clear within 5 days of product arrival here.

Please consult our discount page for standard pricing on other lines

E-mail Wig-Wag

Privacy Policy:

We will not sell, rent, lease or lend our e-mail list to anyone. Period. We will not release or divulge any info about your business relations with us.