September 20, 2002 -
Sullivan Indiana.
Photo courtesy of
Larry E. Gilbert.

Wig-Wag, LLC
Model Railroading for the Discriminating Modeler!

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Our privacy policy is really simple:
1) We don't share your name or e-mail address with anyone. Our distribution list doesn't live anywhere on the Internet, just on Our PC and backups. We have two reasons for requiring your name for signup:

(a) it makes Our ISP more comfortable with this being a true opt-in list
(b) We like to know to whom we are sending the e-mail notices to.

2) In order to protect the privacy of all subscribers (see #1), you must be able to receive "blind copies." Some off-line mailers and some on-line mail services (such as Hotmail) automatically filter all blind copies to "junk mail" or "trash". There are usually ways to set up a filter to accept only those blind copies that you want; you'd want to create a filter so that mail from the address "" comes through.

3) Due to the limitations of the Internet, we unfortunately can't guarantee delivery of our notices. But hey, it's free, so you don't need to ask for your money back. And of course, all information is supplied "as is" and no warranties of any kind are express or implied.