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Con-Cor Twin-Headlight Pioneer Zephyr

Coming Soon in "HO" and "N"
Twin Headlight Version of the Pioneer Zephyr

About the Con-Cor Twin Headlight version of the Pioneer Zephyr:

After several accidents, the Pioneer Zephyr was modified in the 1940's to add a double "Twin Headlight" assembly above the nose, and the rear observation car.

The second headlight on the nose was an early version of the "Mars" light. A bright oscillating light enabled motorists to see the approaching train from a greater distance.

Our version of the "Twin Headlight" Zephyr will use a flashing LED that will operate in both DC and DCC mode to simulate this safety feature. The Pioneer Zephyr retained this "twin headlight" until its final run on March 20th, 1960.

When running on Analog "DC" the Front headheadlight will blink as long as the Train is moving forward. (See Video below). When convered to DCC mode by swapping out the factory mounted PCB board plugged into the NMRA 8 pin Socket with a DCC Decoder, you can program the P-3 connection to vary the Intensity and duration of the blinking to suit your own taste, by changing the CV settings of CV 51 to 2 or 3 and CV 62 to a setting around #16. (See instructions at end of the Video below. Double check with your Decoder Manufacturer to make sure these settings will be appropriate for the model and brand decoder you will be using.

By this time the Original Pioneer Zephyr had many additional sisters in service on the Burlington system, and the tail end observation car had the name "Pioneer Zephyr" name applied onto it. Our "Twin Headlight" Zephyr will also have this name applied to the rear of the Train.

You can see a short video of the Engineering Sample of the new HO Twin Headlight Zephyr running on the Elmhurst Model Railroad Club layout in Elmhurst Illinois by clicking the link found lower on this page.

FEATURES of both "HO" and "N" models:

  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Run 3 Car Train
  • Historic Paint and lettering
  • Metal Die Cast weighting
  • Metal RP-25 wheelsets
  • Interiors in #2 and #3 cars (lst car has loco drive mechanism)
  • All cars lighted
  • Fourth "add-on" car available to make your train longer. (You can add more than one of these extra cars if you so choose).
  • " DCC" ready with Industry Standard NMRA 8 Pin Medium Socket set mounted on Locomotive Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 

Please Note: the below video prompts you to order direct from Con-Cor at what will certainly be well above the reservation pricing we offer.   Please feel free to compare.   However, we think you will want to place your order here with us at Wig-Wag LLC.

Click on Video Link Below to see the HO Engineering Sample of "Twin Headlight" Zephyr running on the Elmhurst Illinois model railroad club layout. Our thanks to Bob Roundy and Bob Pearson of the Elmhurst Club for their help.

   You Tube Video Link