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Note: Not all of the items below may be in stock or available but the information is provided for reference purposes.

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If you MUST send an e-mail inquiry, copy & paste the entire description TEXT ONLY (NO pictures!) from the item you are ordering into your e-mail.
It will save time and reduce confusion in determining what you are inquiring about.
With the quantity of lines we carry it's not possible to memorize all of them.

Be sure you review our terms pages before placing your order:
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Fox Valley Models is a rapidly growing supplier of model railroad and related products. FVM started by finding solutions to different modeling challenges that model railroaders were faced with.  Their first products resulted from a need to equip custom built passenger cars with tinted windows made of an ideal material; thin, flexible, easy to cut, simple to install, available in multiple colors and be affordable. We met those needs and even included a frosted version for the car's lavatory windows.

Other challenges inspired additional products including wooden grade crossings, trestles and different lineside structures.   As our product line expands, input and requests from friends and customers help shape the product selection further.

Future products, under development, include more parts, structures, details and rolling stock. We strive to offer a good quality product at an affordable price

Item Description MSRP Our

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The 1935 Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Project

This classic train will be faithfully recreated in HO and N Scales to celebrate the Trains's 75th Anniversary.

Click on picture to see page

General Electric ES44AC

Click on picture to see page

Click on picture to see page
General Electric ES44DC

Click on picture to see page

Click on picture to see page
Heritage GEVO
Appalachian Lines

Revenue Rolling Stock
Special Run Evans Boxcars

Click on picture to see page
P-S 5344cuft Boxcars

Click on picture to see page
Trinity RD-4 Hopper

Click picture to see page
Appalachian Lines

Click picture to see page
FMC 5283 CuFt Double Door Boxcar

Click on picture to see page
FMC 5347 CuFt Single Door

Click on picture to see page
SOO Line 7-Post Boxcar

Click picture to see page
Appalachian Lines
Milwaukee Road
Horizontal Ribbed Boxcars

Click picture to see page
B&O Wagontop Boxcar

Click picture to see page
Canstock Boxcar

Click picture to see page
Christmas Cars

Click picture to see page
Milwaukee 50' Rib Sided

Click picture to see page
H-30 Hopper
Click picture to see page
B&O Wagontop Caboose
Milwaukee Road
Horizontal Ribbed Cabooses

Click picture to see page
Milwaukee Road
Transfer Cabooses

Click picture to see page
Detail items SOME still Available
Wood Grade Crossing
Trestles and Overpasses

Floors and Roofwalks


Brass Cabooses - Never Delivered
Click on pictures to go to that page.
Metal Wheelsets
Detail Parts
Tinted window material good for all scales. Thin, flexible, easy to cut and install.
Each strip is approx. 1.5" x 10".
Green, Blue and Smoke have 2 strips per pack and Frosted has 1.

Caboose - Never Delivered

P/N: FVM 1000 B&O Caboose

Based on the B&O I-1 caboose, this kit will include laser cut sides, plastic strips for the steps and awnings, plastic smokejack and plastic end railings. Made to accept M-T 2004 couplers and their bettendorf or caboose trucks (not included with the kit.)

Orders Closed

Item Description MSRP Our

E-mail or
Pre-Order link

Stock Checks:

Inventory is a fluid commodity.  It changes by the hour (sometimes by the minute). To retain our pricing structure we maintain stock levels designed to turnover 6 times each year. We cannot guarantee stock status till we have an order in hand. All product is subject to prior sale. If we confirm that we have it, and, while we are waiting for the order it sells, you would be upset that we did not hold it.
We used to hold items but learned a VERY EXPENSIVE lesson. When we held items for customers’ orders, the order never materialized 80%+ of the time.  We lost out on the orders placed while the item was on hold.  Also we wasted staff time that could have been used to pull actual orders.
Since we are well known for finding older stock the fact that it may not be on our shelves at this minute does not mean we can’t get it. So, as we spell out on our terms pages, we don’t do it anymore.
You may, however, call in and we will tell you if the items are available and if possible attempt to locate what we don’t have while you are on the phone.

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