September 20, 2002 -
Sullivan Indiana.
Photo courtesy of
Larry E. Gilbert.

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Prodigy DCC Power Supplies

Prodigy Avanced2 "Squared"
Prodigy Express
Prodigy Pocket Walkaround
To be released soon
Prodigy Wireless
Prodigy Wireless Conversion Set

DCC Decoders
Kato Decoders
Atlas Decoders
Universal Decoders
GE U23
Steam Loco w/Sound
NW-2 (16 bit)
Universal No Sound
GG1 (16 bit)
GP & Others w/o Sound
Alco PA/PB (16-Bit) w/Sound
Diesel Sound Decoder
Diesel Alco, EMD Early,

Alco, SD60, SD70, Early EMD
EMD Loco/Switch
# 1954
SD80, SD90/43 Mac
SD70/AC4400 w/o Sound
P42, E8, E9 w/o Sound
Intermountain Decoders
Misc. Decoders
P42 w/Sound
Lifelike C-Liner
SD70Mac, Ac4400 w/Sound
F Unit w/o Sound
Athearn Decoders
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