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Part # MRC-AA555 Symphony 77

MRC Symphony 77 is a steam and diesel locomotive sound system for any model railroad layout. MRC Symphony 77 produces the highest quality, most realistic digital railroad sounds imaginable.
With its two large speakers and powerful amplifier, the handheld controller allows you to awaken your locomotives like never before. Its eight foot cable gives you maximum mobility around your track.

Imagine being track side at a major rail hub… locomotives busily performing their appointed tasks, noisily shoving freight cars into their sidings, or pulling a string of cars, with railroad sounds everywhere around you. From over your shoulder, you hear a conductor yell, “All aboard!” and then almost immediately a fast moving freight rumbles through in front of you.

Plug and play simplicity makes it easy for the beginner. The range of functions make it perfect for the seasoned railroader to conduct a symphony of sounds. It’s all here in MRC Symphony 77! More than 25 different sounds, with many breathtaking sound-on-sound combinations, and controllable speed rates for diesel and steam. It’s all here; Steam or diesel modes, Choice of Horns, Choice of Whistles, Air Release, Brake, Dynamic Brake, Water Pump, Fan, Coal being shoveled, Conductor, Bell, Crossing Gate and Rail Clacks. Just plug in the included AC adapter and the MRC Symphony 77 will provide music to a model railroaders ears, that Mozart would be proud of.

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Part # MRC-AD750 - Syncro Sound Station: Diesel - Synchro Sound brings any DCC-equipped railroad to life with long diesel horn, short diesel horn, diesel bell, rail car coupling, and a diesel engine rumble that is synchronized to your throttle setting.

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  • Just program the Synchro Sound to the locomotive’s address. Add horn blasts, bell or coupling sounds by using the F1, F2, F3 & F4 functions of your DCC system.
  • Includes speaker with powerful amplifier
  • Works with most DCC systems that have F1-F4
  • Add the blast of a horn to accompany synchronized diesel rumble
  • 5-foot of wire for versatile mounting
  • Simple two-wire hookup

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Part # MRC-1025 Synchro: Sound Box for DC or DCC: Steam & Deisel

The Synchro Sound Box enables model railroaders with smaller scales and layouts to enjoy full featured, synchronized sound and control of their locomotive when on-board sound is not practical or cannot be used.

Imagine, controlling the sound of a single diesel, or steam, AC, DC or DCC locomotive of your choice, from stop to full speed, with synchronized steam chuff or diesel rumble that actually follows the speed of the locomotive.

With its 28 sound/accessory functions when using it on a DCC layout, or 19 sound/acccessory functions if using it on a DC or AC layout, your locomotive will come to life. At the push of a button, you can choose a variety of bells, whistles, horns, brakes, firebox doors, and other real locomotive sounds that come from the included (under table mounted) full-fidelity speaker.
  • Easy hookup to any layout
  • Works with either AC, DC, or DCC layouts
  • Two operating modes: Steam & Diesel
  • Speaker designed for under table mounting
  • Master volume control
  • Synchronized steam chuff or diesel rumble
  • Compact size, tethered hand controller
  • 28 DCC sound/accessory functions
  • 19 DC or AC sound/accessory functions
  • Multiple bells, whistles, horns & other sounds
  • 18 Volts maximum input
$ 79.98
$ 59.99

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