September 20, 2002 -
Sullivan Indiana.
Photo courtesy of
Larry E. Gilbert.

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New Rail Models Laser-Cut Kits

New releases are included below. If you are looking for something specific, please e-mail us.

These laser-cut kits are designed to be as simple to build as possible. Using the industry-standard slot and tab construction for easy assembly. All of our structural kits are based on actual plans from real buildings that are common across the U.S.

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N Scale 'Bingen' Loading Warehouse:

This loading warehouse is used to load goods onto box cars. The photos shows stacks of plywood, but you could also use stacks of lumber or produce like fruit. This is a wonderful "stand-off" model that is easy to build. The internal stud walls are a single peel-and-stick piece for each wall. Loads are brought into the warehouse via an opening and ramp on the back of the warehouse. The door on the side is used for truck loading and unloading.


This model is based on an actual plywood loading warehouse located in Bingen, WA at the SDS Lumber Co., and was built in 1946. It is still in daily use loading plywood onto double-door box cars. The building has been modified a number of times and currently has extensions on both sides: a corrugated metal extension on the left and a gable roof storage/office building on the right.

History of this kit

If you're interested in learning more about what inspired us to create
this kit, click here.

P/N: NR007N

N scale warehouse. Plywood stacks are available separately.


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Plywood Loads:
N Scale 4' x 8' Plywood Stacks (20 per kit)
P/N: NR008N

These plywood stacks are great for warehouses. Unwrapped loads are often loaded into double-door box cars, and can be seen from the 1930s to the present all over the U.S.Plywood first started to appear in North America in the 1910s, but didn’t become common until around 1940. Plywood was used in WWII for constructing ships, airplanes, and housing. For example, the PT-109 boat commanded by President Kennedy in WWII was made out of plywood.Each kit contains 20 stacks of 4' by 8' plywood, plus strips of wood to make "stickers" that
go under each load, and black thread to represent banding used to hold each stack together during transport.

These are a perfect complement to our Bingen Loading Warehouse kit.

If you'd like to learn how to build this, click here for building instructions.

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N Scale 4' x 8' Plywood Sheets
N Scale plywood sheets. (Truck not included)
P/N: 32009

We were asked for quite some time to create laser-cut scale 4' x 8' sheets of plywood. Then when we showed it to some modelers at a show they wanted to buy them right then and there. Thus was born this product.

Think of all the places where you could use them. In the back of trucks, covering holes at a construction site, on the sides of buildings under construction, sitting on top of some saw horses... The list goes on and on. If you've ever tried to cut uniform sheets of scale plywood, you'll appreciate the value of these laser-cut scale sheets.


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Passenger Shelter
N Scale Shelter
P/N: 12013
Before the 1950s and the advent of our national highway system, travel by rail was very popular. Small towns or small stops that didn’t warrant a full station would often have a small passenger shelter instead of a full-blown station.

This structure represents a small passenger shelter that includes a small freight storage room as well.

Key benefits

  • Tab and slot construction simplifies assembly and provides perfect alignment each time.
  • Ultra Asphalt Shingles come as a peel and stick sheet with a photographic image of rows of shingles. These fool even the best of modelers, and are much easier to apply than individual rows.

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Log Scaling Platform
Log scaling platforms are an important part of the logging industry wherever logs are transported by truck on their way from the logging site to the lumber mill; they are used to put a value on a load of lumber.

We've created a model closely based on the log scaling platform at the Hull Oaks Lumber Co. in Dawson, OR.
P/N: 12010

About Log Scaling Platforms

I recently had a chance to take a tour of one of the last steam-powered saw mills in the United States, the Hull Oaks Lumber Co. in Dawson, OR. This mill was built in 1938 and can cut large timbers up to 85' long in a single pass through the saw. This is something you have to see if you ever get a chance.

In the process, I learned about an aspect of the lumber industry that I don't think has been modeled before: a log scaling platform. Log
scalers are people who climb up onto a logging trailer with a load of lumber. Their job is to scale and grade the logs, which determines the value
of the entire load.

Log scaling platforms are usually located either at the saw mill, as is the case in Hull Oaks, or at reload facilities.

John Socha-Leialoha

Dimension of N scaling platform (Office is a scale 10' x 8')

Construction Manual

Click on the link to download the PDF Construction manual.

Installed Example

Here is an example of the Log Scaling Platform in N scale, without the office. The office is included in the kit, but it is optional, and it's location if you choose to include it is up to you.

N Scale prototype installed on Roy Cutler's Olympic Northern layout.

Logging Links

Here are some web sites we've found that provide more information about logging and lumber mills.

Saw Mills Provides some interesting information about the "operations and equipment of 20th century saw mills in the United States.

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Shake Ultra Shingles

We created some peel-and-stick shingles for our A-Frame Cabin kit

Our shingles look so good because they’re created from actual photographs of shingles.
They’re also very easy to apply; you apply a single piece to an entire roof section,
then trim it to size using scissors or a hobby knife.

The first time anyone sees a building built with our Ultra Shingles™, they reach over to touch the shingles because they can’t believe they look so good. Try our shingles today and we think you’ll be very pleased with the results.

Ultra Shingles™ applied as a single piece.
Laser cut shingles applied as individual rows.
Lots of work!
The Prototype
We stitched together photographs from a large shopping center to create our sheets of shingles. This is a slow and tedious process that produces amazingly realistic shingles.

In fact, everyone's first reaction to seeing these shingles on our finished A-Frame Cabin models is to reach over and touch them. They can't believe how realistic they look. And they're so easy to apply, especially when compared with laser-cut shingles.

Key benefits
  • Come as 24' x 53' (scale) sheets of peel-and-stick paper.
  • Simply remove the backing and apply to surface, then use scissors or a
    sharp hobby knife to trim for an exact fit each time in only minutes.
  • Looks so real most modelers think they're separately applied rows of
    shingles that have been carefully painted and weathered.
  • No weathering needed to produce a very realistic result.

P/N: NR005N N Shake Ultra Shingles™ (4 sheets)


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Picnic Table
This is a great kit to get started building laser-cut kits. It consists of just nine parts and can be assembled very quickly. An experienced modeler might assemble this kit in just five minutes, whereas a novice can easily finish the kit in just half an hour. Special alignment slots are laser-etched where parts connect. Simply glue one part into the correct slot on the other part, resulting in perfect alignment every time.

This style of picnic table has been around for years, and can be found in many places: in back yards, on decks, next to warehouses (used by employees on their break), in playgrounds, in town parks, and in parks in the woods. Parks and playgrounds typically have a number of picnic tables, and also park benches, such as the kit we offer below.

Ideas for placement
There are many places where you could put picnic tables on your layout, which is why we've created kits with more than one table per kit. Here are some of the potential locations:

  • In the backyard of any house
  • In a city or town park
  • In front of a fast-food restaurant, a produce stand, or a store
  • In a park somewhere in the country, such as among the trees
    in the mountain
  • Next to the back door of a business for a break/smoking area

Key benefits

  • Easy to build with just nine parts.
  • See-through boards for table and bench tops.
  • Alignment slots etched into the bottom of the table and bench
    tops for easy assembly each time.
  • Top of table and benches have cuts all the way through to
    represent individual boards, but are tied together as a single
    part each for easy assembly.

    N Scale Picnic Table (4 per kit)
    P/N: NR001N

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Bench and Trash Receptacle
This is an easy-to-build laser-cut kit that will fit well on any layout. Put them in any public park, a park in the woods, along the curbs in a business district, or anywhere else you can think of.

Key Benefits

  • Laser-etched slots for alignment.
  • Custom jig makes assembly much easier.
  • See-through boards for bench back and seat are a single
    unit for easy assembly.
  • Curved concrete supports for bench.
    N Scale Bench and Trash Receptacle
    (makes two of each)
    P/N: NR002N

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A-Frame Cabin
This is the perfect kit to add to any layout. Place it in the mountains,
in the woods, near the beach, on a river bank, or anywhere else.

The model you see here was finished with Minwax stain markers and the shingles applied as is. In other words, no weathering at all been done, showing just how easy it is to get great-looking results for a first-time builder.

A-frame houses come in all sizes and designs, from small cabins to large houses, and first started to appear in the 1950s. We've chosen to create a model of a smaller A-frame cabin from actual plans that date back to the late 1960s. Cabins such as this one can be found all over the US. In resort areas of the mountains, in the woods of Wisconsin, on the beaches of Florida, and many other locations.
This is the perfect model for adding interest to mountain areas of your layout.

This cabin was originally designed with a single dormer window to provide extra light to the large second-floor bedroom that extends the entire length of the second floor. Our model includes enough parts for two dormers, one on each side, to give you more options. You can also build this model without dormers to create a more
traditional A-frame cabin.

Key benefits

  • Slot and tab construction simplifies assembly and provides
    perfect alignment each time.
  • Etched alignment lines on the roof make shingle placement
  • Boards etched into the deck and doors for added realism.
  • Kit allows zero, one, or two dormers to be added to the
    A-frame. The photo above shows the cabin with a single
    N Scale A-Frame cabin
    P/N: NR003N

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Wyoming Snow Fence:

Snow fences such as the ones shown here are a vital part of controlling snow drifts where trains run through snow-covered mountains. Properly designed and positioned snow fences can virtually eliminate the snow drifts that otherwise cause delays while snow plows attempt to clear the tracks.

The Kit

Our kit is an exact scale model of snow fences from plans provided by the state of Wyoming, and have been in use from 1971 until the present. These fences are 8' tall by 16' wide, and each package comes with parts for a total of six fences, or a total length of nearly 100'. The fence itself is supported by truss frames that would be anchored with rebar driven into the ground.

We've put a lot of work into making this kit easier to build. The horizontal boards are all held in alignment until you've finished gluing everything together, at which point you simply cut the entire fence out of the board. This allows the "individual" boards and very simple kit construction. You can literally build all 6 fences in each kit in one evening.

The Prototype

Snow fences are typically positioned so they're perpendicular to the wind that blows during heavy snow conditions, and a row of fences should be long enough to protect sections of track that might be susceptible to snow drifts. These fences are best positioned on the crests of ridges and hills upwind of the track.

In practice, these 8' tall snow fences should be placed at least 280' from the tracks they're designed to protect, as shown in the figure on the right. When you have them angled as shown here, you might need a couple of rows that overlap a little to protect an area of the track. Also, the 16' wide panels should be spaced right next to each other with only a tiny gap in between (a six inch gap between panels is too wide on the prototype).

Of course, 280' is a lot of space on a model railroad, so this is a good place to use selective compression to give your scene the feel you want without using too much space on your layout.

P/N: NR004N N Scale Snow Fences (6 per kit)

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Classic 1920s Garage
This is an actual 1920s design from a mail-order garage made by the Gordon-Van Tine Co. You could find garages like this all over the country. Our model will allow you to build the garage as shown with a half-hip roof, or with a conventional gable roof (not shown). We also include an alternate garage door in the kit in case you'd like a more modern look. The tri-fold garage doors were considered "fancy" at the time and most have been replaced with overhead-hinged or roll-up doors for use with automatic garage door openers.

Pre-production test build.
Artist's sketch from 1923 shows the original kit
garage you could buy and build yourself.

Key benefits

  • Slot and tab construction simplifies assembly and provides perfect alignment each time.
  • Ultra Shingles come as a single peel and stick sheet with a photographic image of rows of shingles. These fool even the best of modelers.
  • Details like the trellises, carry-through beams on the ends, and rafters.

To learn more, we've provided building instructions on-line.


  • Hip Roof: Can be built with conventional gable roof or with the hip roof as shown above.
  • Side/Back Door: One of the small windows on the side or back can be replaced with the included door.
  • Window Position: The side and back windows can be installed either in the closed or open position.
  • Garage Door: The main garage door can be installed in the closed or open position. Additionally, we include a separate overhead-hinged door for a more modern look.

P/N: NR006N Classic 1920s Garage


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Small Bungalow:
Pre-production test build.

You can find small bungalows like this one close to the tracks all over America. Shown here is a test build to get all the details of the design right. We'll have a photograph of a painted version as soon as we finish the design.

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