September 20, 2002 -
Sullivan Indiana.
Photo courtesy of
Larry E. Gilbert.

Wig-Wag, LLC
Model Railroading for the Discriminating Modeler!

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Subject Lines
It helps immensely to always include a Subject line and make it short and specific. Keep in mind that no subject at all (blank) is the hardest email to double check manually - and manually is the only way that an email flagged as spam (rightly or wrongly) can be released to the recipient. Review of "no subject" emails trapped by our system can often be a week or more behind as it takes time to review each and every one. During barrages of "no subject" emails as part of a spam attack, they will often be deleted unread.

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We use anti-virus software from a worldwide leader in anti-virus technology. If your email contains a virus it will not be read by the recipient. We take no chances with infecting our network. Infected email "caught" by the software is simply deleted.

We employ aggressive spam filtering software. Any email that gets trapped by our spam filter is subject to review before delivery. This is necessary to identify that the email as okay to release to the addressee. You may have nothing more than the misfortune of be with an Internet Service Provider that has been identified as a typical source of spam for your email to be stopped by our filter.

Our inbound protection includes software that will only allow email to a valid user through. If you mistype an email address, including recipient name, that email will never be seen by anyone. It is simply vanquished to the Ethernet without any notification or response. Harsh as this seems, the volume of bogus email we receive forces us to maintain this policy due to the server load required to respond to all such emails.

Your Next Step
If you have sent an email to us but not received a reply within a week, first check to be sure it was sent to our valid email address wigwag@ If you are confident it was, please send a very short email with the subject "Lost email?" asking if your email was received. Please include the date and topic of the email. Rare as it happens, it is possible for a legitimate email with a valid subject to be caught in the spam filter and accidentally deleted before it is released for delivery. We are only human and the volume does necessitate haste to stay ahead of the flow.

Wig-Wag's email system is for the exclusive use of our employees for business purposes. We discourage you from sending email of a personal nature to our email address.

We receive hundreds of email per week. In an effort to not overwhelm us, please be patient in receiving an answer. Depending on volume, answers will be sent to you in due time. Suggestions for carrying a particular product line while appreciated and read, will not be responded to without your name and address and info on how to contact the manufacturer you are requesting. Thanks for your understanding.