September 20, 2002 -
Sullivan Indiana.
Photo courtesy of
Larry E. Gilbert.

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Note: Not all of the items on the below pages are in stock or available but the information is provided for reference purposes.
Challenger 4-6-6-4
Big Boy 4-8-8-4

2-8-0 Consolidation
Steam Locomotive
EMD SD70M Locomotives
F59PHI Locomotives
EMD SD75I, Locomotives
EMD SD75M Locomotives
EMD F45 Locomotives
EMD FP45 Locomotives
2-6-0 Mogul Steam Locomotive
Train Sets
Gondolas & Hoppers
Thrall Hi-Side Gondola
52' Mill Gondola
65' 6" Mill Gondola
3 Bay Outside Braced Hopper
3-Bay Offset-Side Hopper
GATC 2600cuft Airslide Hopper

PS-2 2893cu ft Covered Hopper

3-Bay Woodchip Hoppers
ACF- 2970 cuft-Hopper


PS-2 2600cu ft Covered Hopper
57' Mechanical Refrigerator
36' Old Time Reefer
Pfaudler 40' Milk Car
50' Express Reefer
ATSF 50' Ice Reefer
Passenger Cars
Overton Passenger Car
50' Overland Passenger Cars
Commuter Cars
Bombardier Train Sets
Sieco Boxcars
Berwick 50' SD Boxcar
36' Old Time Box Car
50' Combo Door Boxcar
60' Pullman Standard
Auto Parts Boxcars
FMC 50' Boxcar
50' FMC Plug-Door Boxcar
50' FMC Offset DD Boxcar
50ft PS-1 Boxcar
50' FMC Double Door Boxcar
NACC Exterior Post
PD Boxcars
Tank Cars
30,000 Gallon Ethanol Tank Car
50' Modern Tank Cars
33.9K Gallon LPG Tank-Late Cars

33.9K Gallon LPG Tank-Early Cars
33.9K Gallon Flat Panel Tank Cars
Other Rolling Stock
Bulkhead Flat Car
Loaded Flat Cars

36' Old Time Stock Car
Wood Caboose
AutoMax SUV Carriers
Bay Window Cabooses
53' GSC Flat Car
Gunderson Husky Stack Well Cars
Other Vehicles & Loads
28' Trailers with
5th-wheel Dolly
Flxible Visicoach
40ft Exterior Post Trailer
40ft Fruehauf Z-Van Trailer
Lumber Loads
Mack Vehicles

Mack 'B & R' Tow Trucks

Mack 'B & R' Mixer Trucks

Mack 'B & R' Dump Trucks
Mack 'B'
Mack Tractor-Trailer Trucks
Mack 'R'
Ford Products
Ford 'C' Rescue Truck
Ford 'C' Boxvan Truck
Ford 'C' Short Wheelbase
Fire Truck
Coke Products
Ford 'C' Tractor-Trailer
Ford 'C' Tractors
Metal Wheelsets
McHenry Couplers