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Sullivan Indiana.
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No Shopping Cart

We believe in personal service so we Have not used a shopping cart system.  Shopping carts require flat rate shipping costs penalizing the small order and giving the large order an unfair benefit and in many cases creating a loss situation for the sender.  While we love our customers we aren't in this business to lose money. Please Note: After 10 years we surrender! Too many customers have been unable to copy and paste items they want into an e-mail to place their order. Some customers that have e-mail prefer to call in and tie up personnel for 45 minutes or more and place orders that total less than $25. Far too many use other websites data which has resulted in many, many incorrect orders. Even more have provided invalid payment data resulting in orders that could not go out and thousands of dollars in unnecessary inventory. At some point in 2012 we will institute a shopping cart. When we do, phone orders will be discouraged and e-mail orders will be encouraged to switch to the shopping cart.

Shipping Charges

Our shipping costs are exactly the shipping costs we are charged. We add a whopping one dollar $1.00 for packaging materials (bubble-wrap, peanuts & labels).

Shipping Method

We ship by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. The Post Office sends the customer (you) tracking info when the shipping label is processed.

One pound in the USA is ~ $4.80 + $1.00.  Postage rates change and we are not always advised in advance so the rate above may be out of date.  To estimate the cost to your zip code please see the USPS website: Postage Calculator then enter our zip code: 87111 your zip code and a weight.  We will always use a flat rate box if applicable by weight and if the product you ordered will fit.  If applicable we use two flat rate boxes but most large orders are cheaper to send in one large box versus two flat rates.  See Insurance below

Shipping Options

IF your item is small and basically flat (decals or M-TL coupler kits) we can place them in a flat envelope or bubble-wrap envelope. In these instances we use First-Class mail and add the cost of the envelope. Envelopes cost between $0.50 and $2.00.

Stock Checks

In all cases we need to have an order placed (including billing address and payment information) before we can pull it.  We used to pull orders and hold them for customers to provide payment info.  Keeping in mind that we also order replacements when we pull stock, this resulted in over $30,000 in excess inventory from "customers" placing orders but never providing payment information in 2 years.  Inventory costs money to finance.  As our costs go up so do the prices we must charge.

Do not ask for a stock check unless you are placing an order for the item.

All products are subject to prior sale until a complete order is placed. Inventory is a fluid commodity. It changes daily, sometimes several times. To retain our pricing structure we maintain stock levels designed to turnover inventory rapidly. Thus we cannot guarantee stock status till we have an order in hand. If we confirm that we have it and while we are waiting for your actual order it sells, you would be upset that we did not hold it. We used to confirm stock status and hold, but, learned a VERY EXPENSIVE lesson. When we did, the order did not materialize at least 80%+ of the time. We lost out on actual orders placed while the item was on hold and ended up with duplicate inventory in mid-5 figures. Also, since we are well known for finding older stock the fact that it is not on our shelves does not mean we can’t get it. So, as we spell out on our terms pages, we just don’t do it anymore. You may, however, call in and we will advise if the items are available and attempt to locate what we don’t have while you are on the phone.

Shipping Address and Changes of address

First: Credit Card Companies require us to ship to the billing address for your Credit Card.

Second: If you move and need to submit a new address enter "Change of Address" in the subject line and do not put anything else in that e-mail besides:

  1. Your new address,
  2. Your old address, and
  3. The effective date you will be at the new location.
Third: When changing your address always be sure to also file a change of address with your local Post Office.  We cannot "call back" a shipment. Reservation items arrive without notice in many instances and we do not always have time to post arrival info on our website.

Insurance is additional.

Insurance is strongly recommended on orders over $50 for your protection.
We have had ~ five packages stolen from customers front steps or mail drops in the seven + years we've been in business. All valued over $200. Please seriously consider insuring your order or be sure your billing and shipping address is an address where it will not be dumped on the steps.

Signature Confirmation

We can send using signature confirmation for an additional $2.10 but that will require either someone being home to sign or a trip to the post office. Of course insurance requires signature also.

International Order Shipping

International customers: We can advise you of the shipping cost only after you place the order, it is processed, and the package is ready to ship. We typically ship by Global Priority Mail to international customers.  If possible we will use First Class Mail International.   To estimate the cost to your country please see the USPS website: then scroll to your country and enter a weight.

We accept Mastercard , Visa , Discover, and American Express , USPS Money Orders. If using money orders for reservations you will need to pre-pay.  In some cases we will negotiate other arrangements -- please read our reservation page by clicking here. International Postal Money Orders must be in U.S. $

Many banks no longer accept USPS Money Orders due to high rates of counterfeit and stolen Money Orders.

The U.S. Postal Service has changed their policies on Money Orders that they will accept. If using a US Postal Service Money Order you MUST contact us first for specific instructions. We do not accept commercial Money Orders.  Orders placed using Money Orders may take 3-4 (or more) weeks to process once we receive your payment. With > $5/gal diesel fuel and a 12 mile trip to the bank/post office we do not go to the bank or post office on a regular basis.  Money Orders must be taken to the post office to be processed and verified.

Wig-Wag, LLC's e-mail

Under no circumstance do we accept Paypal.

Please don't ask.

Please click here to e-mail us with what you would like to order. Include your e-mail address, billing address and your phone number. We will e-mail you back with info on how to supply your CC#. Please call (1-888-298-7177), during phone line hours if you do not have an e-mail account. Please submit all orders and inquiries by e-mail rather than by phone. Phone orders may have to be e-mailed back to you for confirmation.  That will delay the process. 

Please do not send attachments with your e-mail

Attachments take many forms:  It could be an e-business card, an imbedded link, a photograph, stationary, or, another harmless item. However, without your knowledge it's also possible that your computer and as a result your e-mail may be infected with a virus and it might not be harmless. Virus software cannot tell where an attachment came from and which attachment is infected from one that is not until the item is opened and then it's too late.
Attachments are the most common way that computers get infected through e-mail.

Hold for Shipping

This is one of our customers' most popular features.  It is an option you electWe will hold ALL your orders for up to 45 days in order for other announced or out-of-stock items to arrive. We do, however, have to have a credit card on file in order to run the charge for the item we are holding. If we don't charge promptly, it ties up capital, costs us more to do business, and we will be unable to continue to offer you our current pricing structure. We will not charge for the shipping until the package goes out the door. You should note that once you request Hold-for-Shipping, it applies to all orders. It is not possible to manage a listing that has multiple exceptions. If you request to come off Hold-for-Shipping then you will be off for good, no exceptions.

Time is a major factor in financing any business. Our pricing is based on getting things out as quickly as possible when they come in. You may combine reservation purchases with other in-stock items. However, we cannot send e-mails to people who want to add to their reservation when it arrives.


In ALL cases contact us before sending anything back.
Any return w/o contacting us first and getting authorization from either Debra or George will be assessed a 20% re-stock charge.

If you change your mind about wanting a reserved item before it ships to us and we can adjust our order, no-problem. However once the item ships to us, or our order is locked in there will be a 20% re-stock charge on any cancellation or return. Items in scales other than N or Z scales (and MTL HOn3) are considered Special Order and are non-cancellable, non-returnable.

When we goof - (it happens -- we're human) we will send you a check to refund any overcharge and the shipping cost for the item sent in error.  If you prefer we can credit the overcharge to future purchases.
In some cases it is cheaper to credit you with a refund and you keep the item so we occasionally do that. 

Warranty Issues:

If an item is less than you hoped for but is what the manufacturer produced, the warranty is with the manufacturer. The manufacturer should be contacted after you contact us.
Do not return any item to us without authorization by either Debra or George.  No other person has the authority to authorize a return.

Most manufacturers have a repair or replacement policy within 90 days of purchase.
Also, most want you to return the item directly to them. This reduces the time involved in resolving the problem (getting you happy) and wasted shipping charges.