September 20, 2002 -
Sullivan Indiana.
Photo courtesy of
Larry E. Gilbert.
Wig-Wag, LLC
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Customer Photos!

We will be posting photos of model or prototype subjects submitted by customers.
To submit yours, click here to e-mail us.

Tom Matteson, one of our local customers, has provided us with pictures of the new Norfolk Southern hoppers.

Chris Quinlan wanted to model a late 80's to mid 90's Amtrak Heritage Fleet. Take a look at where a little imagination can get you! Read his story below.

Click on photos for larger view

Nearly a year ago I ordered a bunch of Con-Cor corrugated passenger cars and Amtrak decals from your store.  When I got my product, I had a huge project ahead of me that I just recently finished.  I wanted to model a late 80's to mid 90's Amtrak Heritage Fleet consist, but nobody really makes one that is prototypical.  The Con-Cor cars were a great start though.  I took those cars, cut off skirting, modified window arrangements, tinted the windows, had a friend at a local hobby shop paint them and then I applied Phase III decals.  I feel like they came out pretty good and wanted to share them with you, since I got the stuff at your store.  Just as a side note (I've told you this before, but I know you have tons of customers), I grew up in Albuquerque and was a affiliate member of the New Mexico Rail RunNers in middle school and high school then a full member when I turned 18 till school (and dating) took up all my time.  Most of my modeling skills I learned from the NMRR members.  If you want more pictures, or pictures on a layout, we have a show coming up.  You should consider coming out to the Saint Louis area for a show!  Thanks and have a great day!
Dan St. John has provided us with this picture he took at the UP Denver Post Frontier Days Train Run. He snapped this shot outside of Nunn, Colorado.
Mike Christy sent us this photo of his Shay in use 01/05/05.
The below was received from the Oklohoma N-Rail Club 04/01/04.
George Hollwedel of Austin, TX swears that he took this shot on 03/17/04 but I think
his camera had too much green beer.

The actual caption sent to us was: "Union Pacific Railroad announced today that it has
reached agreement to acquire United Airlines and begin a new heavy-haul freight service
which is to be named "Centennial Airlines." The 1st prototype will be released in
Omaha, Neb. April 1, 2004."
ABSnut on the Atlas Forum did these B&M FT's from a set of MTL NYC FT's
Mike Hagarty of Calgary took this shot but I lost my notes as to when. Hopefully Mike will be able to let
me know.
Momence, IL 3-23-99 by Larry Wagner
Grand Canyon, AZ by David Leonard ca. early-1960's
Carnes Iowa, 1999 Larry Wagner took this shot on the job.
Larry Wagner took this shot in 1999 in Iowa while working on the job.

Brian Kloss 05/25/03 near Palm Springs

Mike Haggarty 6/19/03 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Brian Kloss August, 2003