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Short Body a/k/a "Transfer" Style Cabooses

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- - Sixth Release:
Announced: 02-10-2014
Orders Due: 03-10-2014
ETA: Later 2014
Fifth Release:
Announced: 05-16-2013
Orders Due: 07-30-2013
ETA: Late 2012
Fourth Release:
Announced: 05-22-2012
Orders Due: 07-06-2012
ETA: Late 2012
Third Release:
Announced: 04-06-2012
Orders Due: 05-04-2012
ETA: Summer 2012
Second Release:
Announced: 03-03-2012
Orders Due: 06-10-2012
ETA: Early Summer 2012
First Release:
Announced: 12-01-2011
Orders Due: 06-10-2012
ETA: Early Summer 2012
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This month (December 2011) Bluford Shops is proud to announce the first road names on their brand new caboose tooling in N scale. This group represents just two of the five all new caboose body styles. The other three will be covered in the next few months. All Bluford Shops cabooses come ready-to-run with magnetically operating knuckle style couplers, metal detail parts and, roller bearing caboose style leaf spring trucks except where noted. Axle generators and screen window frames will be included in the package.

Click picture to see large view
Click picture to see large view

The second release of these cabooses consists of Transfer Cabooses.  Transfer cabooses were used for cross-town hops between yards. All Bluford Shops cabooses come ready-to-run with magnetically operating knuckle style couplers, metal detail parts and appropriate trucks for the road name.First draft artwork shown, subject to improvement by Bluford's crack development team!

Item Description
Sixth Release
Fifth Release
Fourth Release
Part #: BS-25011 - New York Central - Road #: 18087 - Transfer Caboose - w/ Running Board
Click picture to see large view
Part #: BS-25021 - Rock Island - Road #: 19123 - Transfer Caboose - w/ Running Board
Click picture to see large view
Part #: BS-25031 - Penn Central - Road #: 18124 - Transfer Caboose - w/ Running Board
Click picture to see large view
Part #: BS-25041 - Chicago Great Western - Road #: 178 - Transfer Caboose - w/ Running Board
Click picture to see large view
Part #: BS-25061 - Southern - Road #: XC15 - Transfer Caboose - w/ Running Board
Click picture to see large view
Third Release
Part #: BS-23000 Undecorated - Transfer Caboose
Click picture to see large view

Part #: BS-23010 Norfolk & Western (NW) Road #: 518711 - Transfer Caboose

N&W built 63 transfer cabooses for themselves at their Roanoke Shops between 1966 and 1968. Cars repainted after 1971 received this paint scheme. Note the placement of the road numbers varied from car to car and we are replicating this detail.
Part #: BS-23011 Norfolk & Western (NW) Road #: 518741 - Transfer Caboose
Click picture to see large view

Part #: BS-23020 Monon (MON) Road #: 81551 - Transfer Caboose

Monon built a trio of transfer cabooses in their Lafayette Shops in 1959. The Monon system map was X-shaped with Chicago and Michigan City legs in the north and Louisville and Indianapolis in the south. The four legs met in Monon, Indiana. Monon served as a bridge carrier for Southern and L&N between Chicago and Louisville.
Part #: BS-23021 Monon (MON) Road #: 81552 - Transfer Caboose
Click picture to see large view

Part #: BS-23030 Illinois Central Gulf (ICG) Road #: 199081 - Transfer Caboose

ICG inherited 16 steel transfer cabooses from Gulf Mobile & Ohio in the 1972 merger. For the next six years, cars due for repainting received orange paint and the dotted-rail logo.  Placement of the lettering varied from car to car and two of these variations are presented in this run.  At its peak, ICG was enormous with 9,500 route miles - 60 more than Union Pacific during the same period.   Their multiple, parallel routes cut a swath from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico and Chicago west to the Iowa-Nebraska border.  After years of selling off many of these parallel routes, ICG dropped the “Gulf” from their name in 1988 and abandoned orange for a medium gray.

Part #: BS-23031 Illinois Central Gulf (ICG) Road #: 199085 - Transfer Caboose


Part #: BS-23040 Erie Lackawanna (EL) Road #: T-24 - Transfer Caboose

EL built 25 transfer cabooses in their Meadville Shops in 1969. EL’s road service cabooses received “C” prefixes on their road numbers so it seems appropriate that these cars received “T” prefixes instead. Erie Lackawanna was born in 1960 with the merger of Erie and Delaware Lackawanna & Western. They became part of Conrail on April 1, 1976.
Part #: BS-23041 Erie Lackawanna (EL) Road #: T-30 - Transfer Caboose
Click picture to see large view

Part #: BS-23050 Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C&EI) Road #: 515 - Transfer Caboose

C&EI built six transfer cabooses beginning in 1966 using the frames from old gondolas as a base. C&EI ran south out of Chicago, then split into a trio of mainlines, The eastern-most ran to Evansville, Indiana and a major connection with the L&N and points south. This route hosted a number of important Chicago-to-Florida passenger trains. The western-most route headed southwest to St. Louis. Much of that route was shared with NYC’s Big Four line. The third mainline ran down the middle of Illinois  to points on the southern tip of the state. This route generated C&EI’s considerable coal traffic. When the C&EI was later split between Missouri Pacific and Louisville & Nashville (in a deal not unlike the splitting of Conrail between NS and CSX decades later) four of these cars (517-520) went to L&N and two (515-516) went to Missouri Pacific.
Part #: BS-23051 Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C&EI) Road #: 520 - Transfer Caboose
Click picture to see large view

Part #: BS-23060 Green Bay & Western (GBW) Road #: 102 - Transfer Caboose

Beginning in the Summer of 1967, Green Bay & Western began rebuilding several wood body cabooses that were well past their prime into new steel bodied transfer cabooses. The GB&W bisected Wisconsin with their mainline from the ports of Kewaunee and Green Bay on Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River at Winona (on the west bank in Minnesota.) GB&W was merged into a Wisconsin Central subsidiary in 1993 and is now part of Canadian National.
Part #: BS-23061 Green Bay & Western (GBW) Road #: 104 - Transfer Caboose
Click picture to see large view

Part #: BS-23070 Chessie-B&O (B&O) Road #: 903051 - Transfer Caboose

In 1975, B&O 903051 rolled out of B&O’s Du Bois Shops and into history as the final caboose built at that august facility. It was built with components from a retired boxcar. Eventually, B&O assigned it Class C-28 and it would remain the only member of that class to the end of caboose operations. Since it was one of a kind, we are producing just one road number.
Second Release
First Release
Item Description

Stock Checks:

Inventory is a fluid commodity.  It changes by the hour (sometimes by the minute). To retain our pricing structure we maintain stock levels designed to turnover 6 times each year. We cannot guarantee stock status till we have an order in hand. All product is subject to prior sale. If we confirm that we have it, and, while we are waiting for the order it sells, you would be upset that we did not hold it.
We used to hold items but learned a VERY EXPENSIVE lesson. When we held items for customers’ orders, the order never materialized 80%+ of the time.  We lost out on the orders placed while the item was on hold.  Also we wasted staff time that could have been used to pull actual orders.
Since we are well known for finding older stock the fact that it may not be on our shelves at this minute does not mean we can’t get it. So, as we spell out on our terms pages, we don’t do it anymore.
You may, however, call in and we will tell you if the items are available and if possible attempt to locate what we don’t have while you are on the phone.

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